How hard work is a blessing in disguise?

I was a star performer.


Super loaded with work though!

The company assigned a new role to me.

I wanted to reject it because the previous role I was occupying was a lot.

Moreover, once you get experienced, at times, you ignore learning something new from the scratch!

But I understood that the learning it provided was exceptional.

What did I do?

Instead of complaining, I figured out how I could make it work.

I realigned my priorities.

Decided to dedicate more time and delegated a few tasks to my team members.

This helped my team learn new things while I focus on the new responsibilities.

It was much more difficult than it sounds now!

I felt like riding on two horses at the same time for the next few months.

Fast forward 2 years…

I was head hunted by another company on the basis of the “Extra work load” which I took.

I discovered:

1) “Exceptional learning opportunities” are often disguised as “Extra work load” and ” Additional Responsibilities”.

2) Delegation : To acquire something new, we must leave something which we currently have.

And most importantly:

3) We grow by taking more responsibilities.

👉 But the question is, are we ready to grow? 👈


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