Empathy never harms work discipline

Our secretary often used to snooze at work.

Everyone expected the worst when she was caught.

When asked, she explained her situation.

She was a single mother with three kids, stayed in Ajman and had no transportation.

She had to wake up at 5 am, change 4 public means of transport and had to walk 20 minutes before finally making it to the office.

The same tiring drill was repeated on her way back.

Then she said, her problems could be solved if she was allowed to leave the office 2 hours early.

Everyone knew that she always used to reach way early in the morning.

HR immediately processed her request.

Within few days, we could see a different person in her.

The truth is:

1) “I feel motivated when burned-out”, said no one ever.

2) Companies should stop fighting the “small fights” with employees. For instance: letting someone go home 1 or 2 hours early will never “harm profitability”.

3) There are different needs to motivate different people.

4) Empathy never harms work discipline.

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