Taking advantage while hiring

He was on extremely low salary when his company closed down.

Coincidentally I came to know about him as I was looking for a similar candidate in my team.

During the interview, he first refused to disclose his required salary.

Then he said that he is okay with whatever he was making before.

It was a ridiculously low number.

“What would 2500 dirhams per month do for someone like you?”

I asked!

He said he doesn’t want to quote a number that may exceed the salary structure of the available position.

As he has done that in the past and got disqualified.

I could understand his fear.

He performed well in the interview and I requested HR to give him the right salary structure.

I believe:

1) We must stop evaluating candidates on their past salaries.

2) Keep things simple: Being smart in business is good. Trying to act smart in every situation (unnecessarily) is being “Over-Smart” which often backfires.

3) Taking advantage of candidates while hiring them is not smartness but extreme foolishness. You have started an important relationship in a very wrong way.

4) If you don’t see value in your people, someone else will.


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