Great Leadership Show: She was shown the door for abusing the office boy!

I worked in a company where a team member was fired for insulting the office cleaner.

She called the cleaner a dumb and shouted on him for not cleaning her office properly.

I understand the office boy might not have cleaned her office properly but it’s not a guarantee to throw insults.

It was a small company.

The owner came to know about it and confronted her, she argued and reacted like its her birthright to insult the office boy.

She was shown the door.

That’s how it should be in life.

1) Designations define workplace authorities and accountability. Nothing more than that.

2) Someone who can create troubles for an office cleaner can even create troubles for the most important client of the company.

Being respectful is a character trait.

As they rightly say, ” Always hire for character, skills can be taught.”


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