Importance of Voice Search in today’s business!

Are you optimising your website and landing pages for voice search?

Today, consumers are not using Alexa or Siri or Google Assistant only to get weather updates.

Instead, they are shopping and even searching answers to their queries through these voice assistant apps.

ComScore predicts that 50% of all the searches will be done through voice in the US by 2020.

Hence, it becomes crucial that brands optimise the product pages to include common search queries spoken as well as typed by their targeted audience.

When people use voice search, they speak the whole question like they are speaking to another human.

To climb up your website higher in audio search results, you should focus on creating short-form content which is simple, comprehensive and provide clear answers to the questions asked.

Businesses who are not optimising their website for audio searches, will stay behind the fast-paced race.



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