He just bought a new car & doesn’t need a pay raise!

“He just bought a new car/watch/trousers/shoes and doesn’t need a pay raise”

>>>A True Story <<<

A friend of mine ( a rockstar performer, I can vouch for him) working for a MNC on a senior position got into trouble with his superiors recently…

On his birthday he bought himself an expensive watch . This unfortunately led his line manager to unnecessarily doubt him for having a second income which is not allowed contractually.

Apart from a changed behaviour of his manager and mind draining justifications he went thru, his appraisals got affected too.

I have noticed this sad trend in quite a few companies recently.

Workplaces can be a better place if employee evaluations were done on KPIs, performance and attitude.

I believe the only difference between a company which just survives from a company which consistently thrives & creates magic is passionate team.

Be fair while compensating and evaluating employees as this is one of the most important motivation.

Leaders know that investors don’t build businesses, its employees who create companies.

“Make people feel important because they are” (Unknown)


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