The “one-size fits all” rule book of office

My friend’s wife was admitted into the hospital.

She suffered from flu early morning… so my friend rushed her to the hospital.

After an hour, my friend called her place of work and explained what had happened.

Later in the evening, the HR called and told her (in hospital) if she would resume the next day? And she must come and submit a doctor’s report.

This was apparently the “rule” of the company.

My friend got extremely disappointed hearing this.

He said, “If you don’t trust your people and implement

rules which are designed like for school going kids, then I don’t think I want my wife to work with you.”

He stopped his wife from working with the company.

Do you think it was a good idea?

My personal belief is:

1) Every workplace needs rules: otherwise you’d simply never get things done.

2) HOWEVER there cannot be “One size fits all” rule book. Exceptions are must.

3) Employees want to be treated like adults – especially when it comes to simple things like sick leaves, lunch breaks, leaving bit early etc


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