He promised me job, but never picked up my phone again!

I once had people who promised me a job.

I believed in them and never bothered to search for any.

When it was time for them to fulfill their promises, some stopped picking my calls.

Some didn’t even reply to my messages and some blocked me.

It did hurt me. I felt stuck.

At first, I blamed them instead of taking responsibility.

I had no idea where to start but I started anyway, and anyhow.

I took baby steps.

Each step took me closer to my dream.

It took few years.

But today, I have a beautiful family, I run my own business and most importantly, I have forgiven them.

I learned the hard way:

1) In life, people will disappoint you. Take it as a lesson and learn from it.

2) Until you realize that nobody can give you the life you want except you, you will always be disappointed.

3) God helps those, who help themselves!

Did you ever face a similar situation?


#transformation #hustle