They thought I am a Linkedin Influencer!

I was recently contacted by a B2B company to promote their brand.

They thought I am an influencer.

But I told them, I am not a LinkedIn influencer.

I don’t have a million of followers and I don’t get thousands of likes.

But one thing is certain, I can inspire one person at least.

My goal on LinkedIn is to inspire a few people.

Though, I see many people calling themselves influencer and talking about their number of connections.

But that should not be the purpose of this platform.

We can easily get buried into chasing vanity metrics and later find out:

1) Change is the only constant. Things can change anytime soon, but the people you have impacted will always remain.

2) Working for a big company, having 30,000 connections or having a title is never a door to influence or to become an influencer. Influence is when you add value to someone’s life through a way which helps them get better.

3) Numbers often lie!

Let us spread the true spirit of Christmas.

Let us spread love, light, hope and peace.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

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