How a stranger taught me the the concept of being wealthy and being poor !

A stranger approached me and asked for some money.

He looked really needy.


Honestly, I didn’t have much cash with me at that moment.

I was feeling awkward to give him the 25 dirhams in my pocket – some thoughts in my head were holding me back.

I felt like, ”What would this do for him?”

There was no ATM around as well.

I was about to tell him that I don’t have much with me when he told me he had not eaten since morning.

It really touched me.

I dipped my hand into my pocket and gave out all the little cash I could get.

It was around 30 dirhams ($8) in total with loose change.

I saw a sudden glow on his face.

He thanked me twice out of excitement.

I realized

1) The concept of being wealthy and being poor is subjective. What was left over change for me was one full day meal for someone.

2) If someone does good to you, thanking them is the least you can do . This can also encourage them to repeat the gesture with someone else.

Do you agree?


#happinessisachoice #gratitudeattitude