From an early age, why are we pressured into comparing ourselves to others?

“Why can’t you just behave nicely like your brother?”

I heard a mother scolding her son in a public setting.


From an early age, we are pressured into comparing ourselves to others.

I also used to compare my career to people around me.

Sometimes of far more experience & age.

It was really tiring.

But I thought this was important to fuel my passion.

Not until someone I aspired to be like spoke about his admiration for me.

He told me he was genuinely impressed by my growth.

It made me stop for some time & evaluate myself.

I realized, in race of comparing ourselves to others, we often get so much hungry for “validation” and success that we forget the difference between greed and ambition.

Both feelings push you to do more & achieve more.

However, each of them has a different impact on one’s life.

1) Ambition is made up of hustle, content, and gratitude

2) Greed has selfishness and jealousy in it

I’ve never seen happiness & greed living together.

I became calmer when I realized no one can take away from my “Pot” neither can I from someone!

Universe has enough for everyone.

The only things which impact my “pot” is my ability to work, be content and ambitious.

Did you ever evaluate yourself?

Are you greedy or ambitious?