How I talked myself out of success?

How I talked myself out of success?


I used to be too worried about the outcome of my actions.

โ€œIf it doesn’t work out, what would happen?โ€ I always used to think.

How did I break out of it?

Until I realized the hidden power of self-talk.

I started paying attention to whatever I say to myself.

Although it wasn’t easyโ€ฆ

The amount of attention we pay to our words is dependent on our awareness, growth, and environment.

The A-Ha moment for me was when I realized:

1) The most damaging words are hidden deep in our subconscious and they usually come after we say to ourselves: “I am”.

Hence, I stopped using the words โ€I amโ€ in a negative way. Even if I am not sure of the outcome.

2) The words we say have a huge impact on our mindset.

As someone said, he who says, โ€I can’tโ€, is right, and he who says, โ€I canโ€, is right too.

The difference between the two is the mindset.



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