“I am in a meeting, I will call you back…”

“I am in a meeting, I will call you back…”

Few years ago, I had an excellent business meeting. We connected well and instantly thought we should work together.

After the meeting, I shared my proposal with this very promising prospect.

I waited for a confirmation, and called him, only to hear “I am in a meeting, I will call you back…”

I sent him more emails and reached out over the phone.

But he never responded to my emails. He never returned my calls.

He acted like a complete stranger.

I waited patiently for a few more days.

But soon after that, it started getting frustrating.

What had I done wrong?

I kept waiting, wondering what I should have done differently.

And then, one fine day, suddenly, I thought of a brilliant idea to change my situation.

I decided to MOVE ON.

I moved away from this prospect for sometime and focused on new clients, new presentations and new deals.

Signed a few more contracts!

My lessons?

1. I cannot close all deals (no one can)

2. Accept that some things are beyond my control

3. Such frustrating situations are highly distracting — get out of them fast.

4. Closure isn’t everything; always explore more opportunities.

What do you do when someone ignores your calls?


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