What my 6 years old daughter taught me about sales!

I pick my daughter up from school every day.

Today, she said to me, “Papa, I want to eat something from outside…”

I agreed and took her to the supermarket. I knew there would be a lot of options, so she could see for herself and choose whatever she liked best.

She hopped around every section of the supermarket, trying to make up her mind.

After spending 45 minutes in the store, she was still confused about what she wanted. She just could not decide on one thing!

I thought a little and said, “Let’s go to McDonalds and get you a Happy Meal? You’ll get a nice meal and a toy too!”

She looked at me, extremely excited.

She now knew that she wanted a Happy Meal, and we both headed towards McDonalds.

This got me thinking:

Sometimes, we confuse our prospects by giving them too many options…

And often out of excitement, we recommend every solution we have to offer to them.

This delays the deal closing process… at times to the point where the deal never closes.

So, focus on these steps:

1. Understand your business

2. Understand your client’s frustrations

3. Provide a focused solution with limited options.

Give the least and best options to your clients.

And then see how quickly your deals close.


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