I am scared to fail & I’m not going to lie about it.

I am scared to fail & I’m not going to lie about it.

I’d never let my colleagues know that!

At workplace, all they see is the fearless Zeeshan.

He who will get through any challenge with his creativity, optimism, speed & determination.

He who has come from a humble start to being one of the youngest professionals successfully leading companies, helping them scale fast.

People say that Steve Jobs had a “Reality Distortion Field.”

I believe I have a “Positivity Force Field”, but I’m not delusional.

I know it’s possible to fail but I never gave it much thought.

Instead, I weather every storm that comes my way because I have only one option: ”Success”.

I’m lucky to have a family with whom I can talk to at home & be honest about possibly not making it. They do not need the sugar-coated truth.

Honest discussions with closed ones have helped me improve my game, always.

My experience is :

1) Transparency with yourself directly equates to speed!

2) Nothing compares to a strong support system

3) Instead of ” Fake it till you Make it”… focus on “Faith it till you Make it”

Do you have faith in you when you are unsure of things?


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