When our Sales Rockstar failed…

We hired a rock star candidate for the position of sales.

But she failed!

I was recently consulting a company

They wanted to up their game in client acquisition.

I mapped out an aggressive strategy & hiring plan for them

I was excited! Everything looked good!

But then, one of the new hire somehow was not able to perform at all.

The company was so disappointed as they had invested a lot to onboard her.

It kept getting worse!

As expected, the company wanted a replacement.

One thing which caught my attention was her consistent efforts & positive attitude!

I decided to carefully study her CV again. I noticed she did well in customer service & client retention.

I asked her if she would be willing to change her role to sales support & servicing.

She agreed.

But the company’s CEO refused.

He thought I am wasting time.

I managed to convince him.

I changed her role.

That was the turning point.

Her ability to relate with clients helped us closed a huge deal and also retained many of them through her follow up.

This incident proved again

1. It is okay to change your decisions in the best interest of Business and People.

2. Attitude wins over skills.

3. “Hire slow, fire slower.” Exhaust all options.

Would you agree?


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