I consult, I guide; I even show. But the ACTION is up to you.

“Hi Zeeshan, please come with us to Africa to present the pitch. We can’t do it without you…”

I recently consulted a company that was pitching a media proposal to a client in Africa.

They approached me since the proposal was worth millions and was very important to them.

I consulted them for a few days, explained how to structure the complete plan and how to present.

After the consultancy was complete, we both were happy with the outcome.

But just a few days before they had to fly to Africa and present the pitch, the client called me up.

They asked me to fly down to Africa with them.

I asked why they needed me; we had been through everything.

They said that they felt more confident with me around and that I could help them to present the plan and handle issues if they got stuck.

I replied, “This is your pitch, and you can do it perfectly well. Just go and present!”

I met them again and discussed possible situations that could come up during the presentation, for confidence.

Eventually, they pitched to the client in Africa, successfully!

That’s how I consult: I ensure zero dependence on me once the consultation is complete.

I consult, I guide; I even show. But the ACTION is up to you.


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