I used to think ONLY working hard is the key to success…

I used to think ONLY working hard is the key to success.

I was wrong.

I’d work all around the globe.

Yes, I wouldn’t let me rest.

Not sure if it was hatred of “having less money in account” or being over ambitious.

And then I felt, my speed of executing things coming down.

I started getting sick, tired and irritated for no reason.

First I thought it’s my age…

But then looked at myself in the mirror… It reminded me that I am not that old 😊

I realized, I was burned out!

I learned my lesson in a terrible way.

1. Consistent baby steps are ridiculously underestimated when it comes to healthy lifestyle. You need not start with 2 hours daily gym and a hardcore keto diet.

2. The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body AND efficient body directly equates to a more efficient mind.

Suffering with low business output?

Consider evaluating your health habits.


#HealthisWealth #GrowthMindset