I worked with a colleague who wasn’t producing results.

I worked with a colleague who wasn’t producing results.

Everyone knew he was about to get fired but our team leader had a different thought.

He sat him down instead and asked some questions about his life.

He was having issues in his personal life. So he couldn’t perform well in the role due to the amount of time he used to spend at work every day.

He thought he would be getting fired after the discussion, but the team leader instead gave him a paid week off.

One of the other performing colleagues got UPSET.

He felt cheated and injustice.

“How can a non-performer get a paid week off?” He complained.

But then the team leader sat with him as well, & assured him that this is for the best of the company.

In a few weeks, the non-performer started to perform & our team results improved.

All of us started getting incentives!

I later realized that it’s not always the product or market, but mindset of people which are selling your product can be a hurdle in achieving success.


Leadership is about taking difficult calls. Sometimes making one person happy can make another happy employee upset.

Leadership is about balancing Equality & fairness amongst team. Not about being ‘Favorite 24/7’

I guess, that was an excellent display of leadership.