Why you are not going to be receptive to a good story?

Are you going to be receptive to a good story?

You may want to answer YES.


Odds are, NO.

It doesn’t matter how good the story is. If your consumer’s mind is elsewhere, they won’t be able to hear it, or enjoy it.

But consumers are hungry to hear a story!

We hear it all the time …

But no one talks about the fact that story telling is only impactful when consumers are receptive to the message,

They’re focused, and present.

When that happens, they’ll eat it right up.

Good brands are about good storytelling.

But you can tell a good story at the wrong time and get no results.

Don’t let anyone convince you that it’s only about the messaging.

What makes or breaks isn’t just the content but how you connect with your consumers at the right time.

The magic formula to successful content is :

Right content = relevant content + executed when your audiences are in the required mindset

The best part…

“Right content” works beyond all algorithms of digital.

Do you agree?


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