If you do not start now, you will never start!

If you don’t start now, you will never start in 2021.

I used to procrastinate in the past.

Rather, I was always waiting for the “right time”.

But then I realized that the ” right time” is always now.

There are many people out there who always procrastinate – Waiting for that perfect situation where everything is “Perfect”!

I believe:

1) You don’t need to have it all to start…

Just start small.

2) You don’t need the perfect time to start…

NOW is the perfect time.

3) Don’t be too afraid of Wrong decisions…

There are no wrong decisions, except the ones which you do not take.

4) A baby step is better than waiting…

If we wait for the right time, we might wait forever…

One thing that can stop you in 2021 is procrastination.

Are you busy doing or busy thinking about the unnecessary stuff?

I always prefer the first one, what about you?


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