Impact of COVID19 on OTT Consumption!

Many did not believe on Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) in 2015.

Tim declared in 2015 that “the future of TV is apps,” – he was referring to a future where a majority of TV viewing is streamed over-the-top (OTT) via online apps.

While we’re not there yet completely but below are all the reasons making and shaping OTT in to an undeniable truth of the new era.

1) Growing internet connectivity

2) Smartphones and Smart TVs penetration

3) Natural calamities

AND Most importantly

4) The viewing habits of the Millennials and GenZ

Any business especially in the content domain, has to be in the OTT domain.

I know many companies never invested in it because they were not convinced on the potential.

I am sure they will be regretting it at this moment.

“Some businesses do not want to see the future, perhaps they are very comfortable with present or are not capable to forecast and envision the tomorrow.” – Unknown

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