Why Sales People Are Harassed?

“Do whatever, I don’t care, you need to hit your sales targets.”

Often sales team in companies are considered living beings with magic sticks. Companies feel that just hiring someone with a title of ” Sales / Client servicing Executive” is enough for business to start rolling. I believe this is same as paying monthly membership fee of a health club and feeling that it will help one to lose weight sitting at home.

The cycle of unnecessary pressure starts when managers submit projections to the company without analyzing the market conditions. Once the unrealistic projections are not met, sales people from teams are sacrificed to save position of someone senior who projects the next year’s targets wrong again, and the vicious cycle never stops.

Companies need to have robust KPIs system which evaluates and appreciates performers and weeds out non-performers – this needs to be complimented by senior management staff trained to increase their efficiency to forecast accurately along with a robust training , motivation , innovation and solid road map for the sales team.

People are never replaceable and sales is the best job in the world if done right!