Is Artificial Intelligence not so Intelligent?

Artificial Intelligence and Automation will fail?

After studying AI for some time, I have come to a conclusion that AI will help businesses in two main areas:-

1. Ability to forecast future events with high level of precision
2. Ability to take decisions with minimum chances of errors

However, the predictions will depend largely on the kind of data on which algorithms are based.

When it comes to marketing, some marketing campaigns will continue to fall miserably because they are not personalized.

Personalization is a qualitative aspect which is largely driven by creativity & content of the communication…

Engagement = Attention


Attention = Relevant content

Creating successful campaigns with high-impact content is often about thinking beyond the past data and trends!

Hence, creating content will remain in the hands of creative brains! and content creation will become one of the most in-demand skill in few years.

This is where AI will not able to help much as impactful content is rarely based on past trends and is about understanding the current emotional sentiments of the target audience.

Where else you think AI will fail?


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