It’s not sales which may be driving your company down.

It’s not sales which may be driving your company down.


In my career, I have seen companies going from good to worse.

I used to think it is all about “Sales” & “Cash Flow”

But then I realized

Leadership is the heart of any company.

No wonder there are few leadership positions

And even fewer leaders.

I discovered 2 things about leadership:

1) Leadership is a superpower and it starts with you.

2) Almost everything we’ve been taught about leadership is wrong.

A leader will fail many times if he can’t lead himself.

To self-lead, you must know your art by heart.

Lack of experience & self-leadership can make you take wrong decisions.

If you are a master of your art & can lead self-first, you will be healthy, focused & energized leader

This realization enabled me to start, build & launch several media products from zero to multimillion-dollar billings

Now I understand my team more.

I understand what it means to struggle.

I know what kind of ideas they may require to present to clients.

A true leader who has successfully “Done it” will understand what it takes to lead others.

If your team is underperforming,

Look into the mirror.

Because a team is the reflection of the leader.


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