What is growth hacking, Zeeshan!

‘10 habits for becoming a happier person’

‘5 ways you can discover yourself’

Have you ever read such articles?

Do you know what these are?

These are easy tips and tricks to make your life better.

Basically, these are personal growth hacks.

Just like personal growth hacks can take your life to the ‘next level’, business growth hacks can take your business to the next level.

Simply put, growth hacking is a way of growing your business.

The big trick here is to acquire and retain customers with minimal spending.

Which means spend a little, earn a lot.

Ofcourse with more efforts and passion!

And because you find a fast, cost-effective way of doing business, it’s called hacking!

As a term, growth hacking may sound rather tedious.

But frankly, it’s that simple!

👉 It is a mindset which is focused more on resourcefulness than resources. 👈

Now that you know what growth hacking IS, learn how to do it too.

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