Marketing Manager = Sales Manager :S

“We need a Sales and Marketing Manager, please refer if you know someone and can fit the profile…”

Said one of my clients.

The client had a decent sized firm of 20 people which I consulted recently.

The MD thought that Marketing = Sales and that one person could do both.

Upon enquiring more, I understood that his requirement was Marketing Resource and not Sales.

Often businesses don’t understand that revenue generation capabilities of Sales differ from Marketing.

And that’s where people go wrong…

Both functions impact revenues, they do it in different ways!

Marketing is not sales; marketing is meant to make sales easier.

Why I believe so? Because

Marketing = Attention

Attention = Engaging content

How marketing can drive sales??

Smart marketing = Attention ==> better brand recall

Better brand recall = Better sales volumes

Better sales volumes = Better brand awareness, loyalty & repeat purchase (if your product delivers the promise)

Mixing Sales with Marketing will result in further diluting your brand.

What does marketing mean to you?


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