We can meet for coffee but we can NEVER do business together!

“Zeeshan, we can meet for coffee but we can NEVER do business together”

Few years ago, I decided to take up a brand new challenge: turn a media brand into a new direction!

I contacted a few of my friends to help me out.

Surprisingly, no one wanted to do business with me at this point.

In fact, 8 of my 10 best industry friends refused outright to help me.

I had known all 10 of them for years!

Although it was surprising, this was not new for me.

I knew what was wrong. I decided to not give up.

I worked hard and improved my product offerings.

I took the necessary steps to create trust and build a reliable team.

Fast forward 2 years, the same friend who refused me, became one of my biggest clients.

In three years’ time, I was in business with all of my friends who refused me earlier.

Key Lessons:

1. All new products and businesses have to go through a period of ‘lack of trust’. Do not get demotivated by rejections.

2. Don’t depend a lot on relationships. They are catalysts to the process, NOT the process itself.

3. No decisions are permanent in the business world. What is correct now may be wrong later, and vice versa.

And most importantly:

4) You can even-out any field with hard work. 😊

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