Meet or not to meet?

Are 10 minutes daily too less to create an unforgettable customer experience?

Ritz-Carlton Hotel is the only hotel brand to win the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award (Twice) for crafting remarkable customer experiences.

They are spending only 10 minutes daily to provide quality services to the guests.

Yes, after and before every shift, the hotel employees, as well as the management team, meet for 10 minutes daily.

They discuss a service standard daily in those meetings (like professionalism, hospitality, manners and courtesy, cleanliness etc.) so employees can focus on it.

The employee who gives a memorable experience to a guest is praised publicly and his story is posted on “Wow Wall”.

It motivates the employees to create their own stories, which results in exceptional service and enhanced customer experience.

What’s the message?

You don’t need hour-long meetings to inspire people to serve customers well.

Focused, consistent and stories oriented short meetings can solve the purpose as well.

Remember, customer experience shouldn’t be an event; it should be integrated into a company and its employees’ blood.


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