More Sales People ≠ More Sales Revenue

“If we hire more Sales/ Account Managers, we will increase business…”

This is a very common misunderstanding in the business world.

Many companies hire more people thinking it will increase the number of people who can sell the product.

This results in overstaffing, which eventually turns into the ‘hire and fire’ culture.

The truth is:

Hiring more people ≠ more business

Bigger teams ≠ more business

More Sales and Account Managers ≠ more business

So, how do you increase business?

By adopting the right mindset!

Mindset 1:

– Understand that you don’t need a dedicated resource for each job; it’s not realistically possible

Mindset 2:

– Resourcefulness >>> resources

Mindset 3:

– ‘Perfect’ talent doesn’t exist. Hire those who understand your vision and train them to become the best fit for your company.

What’s your mindset?


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