The 3 common mistakes everyone makes with content marketing…

“Hey Zeeshan, I hired a marketing agency. All my worries are over now!”

That’s great! What are they doing for you?

“The usual. They run campaigns for the company, they create a few posts and share them on all social media platforms, and they advertise our product’s features very well.”

Okay, so they are making the 3 common mistakes everyone makes with content marketing.

“Mistakes? ”

First, your campaigns.

“What about it?”

Content marketing is a continuous process; it is not just a campaign for a few days or weeks. As much as content needs a strategy, content is a strategy in itself too.

“Oh. I never thought of that…”

Second, your content itself. Copy-pasting the same content on all platforms does not work. Each platform has a unique audience. Use the relevant platforms and customise the content for each.

“Yes, I have been considering that too.”

Lastly, no one wants to know only about the features of your product. Add value through your content. Inform, educate, teach and help through your content; don’t just sell!

“So… market the brand by adding value?”


When are you making these 3 wrongs right?


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