How an open door policy can kill team’s productivity.

How an open door policy can kill team’s productivity.

One of my close friends, recently got promoted to a team leader.

All excited, leading a team of 5 Senior managers & their teams.

Within few months of his take over, the team productivity got worse.

“ Zeeshan, can you recommend me a recruitment consultant, I guess I need to change the whole team”

He said, out of frustration. “Our sales have declined drastically”!

“What have been your key focus areas so far?”

“Decisions, generating revenue and ensuring I have an open door policy”. He said!

It seemed alright until I could figure out was that he had an open door policy throughout the hierarchy.

An open door policy makes the senior team members feel unappreciated. They also feel micromanaged which is bad for the overall morale of the team.

Hence, I suggested him to do the following shift for next 12 weeks:

1. Change “Taking Decisions” TO “Creating systems which can take decisions & even evaluate them”

2. Change “Revenue Focus” to “Focus on creating new ideas which generate revenue”

3. Change “Open Door Policy Through-out” to “Selective Open Door Policy”

In short, trust and delegate your senior managers who are leading teams. A happy senior manager will get more done from his team.


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