The dilemma: Transferable Skills Are Underrated…

She applied for the job without the industry experience.

It looked weird when my boss looked through her resume.

She had no experience working with media sales.

“I’ll still invite her.” He said.

I was a bit surprised.

After the interview, he hired her.

When I asked my boss, he said:

“Transferable skills can prove to be an asset for companies, she has successfully worked in different companies – it shows she has something to offer.

Moreover she seems to have the right attitude which at times is more important than the experience”

He was right. She offered great services and help build our company.

He taught me:

1) Don’t confuse the “General Prevailing Practices” of business as the “Rules” of the business. There is always scope for innovation!

2) Hire people, not their CVs.

3) Give chances to people with right attitude.

And most importantly:

👉 People will do great things if we look at them beyond papers.👈

Would you agree?


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