What do you want FOR your business?

Last year, I held a seminar on ‘Mastering B2B Sales & Negotiation’ for one of the leading MNCs.

The attendees were mostly from senior management.

They were responsible for driving the company’s revenue.

I asked my audience, “What do you want FOR your business?”

They said, “We want more customers!”

“What do you want FROM your customers?”

The most common response was, “More sales & more profits!”

“And how do you get all these things?”


Most of us know what we want from our business; but we don’t always know how to do it.

What is the secret to increasing sales?

First step: prospecting right.

Get a solid system in place for lead generation.

Option 1: We focus on the output with no plan, or in some cases the BEST plan can be hiring sales reps with only “industry relationships”

Option 2: We focus on creating a robust system which treats revenue generation as a science.

We do this by consistently focusing on three important elements of a successful sales strategy which closely monitors:

1) Number of Leads

2) Percentage of conversions ( also known as strike rate of your sales)

3) Consistent improvement of average ticket size ( Deal size)

What is your secret to increasing sales?


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