The job which I never took!

“Sorry, you’re not hired; we confused you with another Zeeshan…”

2004, I had just started working in Dubai.

I was in the IT sector earlier & wanted a job in that.

But I didn’t find one & ended up getting into Media Sales.

It was good to have a job, but I was an average performer & wasn’t happy.

One fine day, I lied to my boss & went for an interview.

A few days after the interview, I got a call from the other company saying I had got the job. They required me to resign my current job & join them urgently.

It was like a dream come true!

I told my boss everything. Since I was an average performer, he didn’t mind accepting!

I handed in my resignation letter.

I was so happy: finally, IT sector!

Then came the horror.

I got a call again, “Sorry you have NOT been selected. We confused you with another Zeeshan…”


I was devastated.

Soon I went back to my boss and explained it all. I requested for the job back; he said I should go meet the CEO.

I went to the CEO, explained everything.

He listened.

He gave me my job back.

Then he said, “Zeeshan, make me proud.”

That was it.

Since then, I never looked back.

This was my horror story but with a lesson.

Never accept an offer without offer letter!

What’s yours?