When end is not always END but just a BEND!

“Slow and Steady” is an old phenomenon.

No one wins race running slow!


This is what we see all around us in media.

That’s why we see people having no patience.

So many businesses closing down.

“Hire and Fire” cultures everywhere

But I learned this from my Dad.

Cheer up and slow down when things are not working in the right direction.

Because most of the times, it is a “redirection”.

“It is never the end but just a bend, Zeeshan”, He always tells me.

I always experienced a turn around, the moment I kept trying, didn’t lose my cool and refused to give up.

As long as we keep trying, there is hope.

So when you hit rock bottom, don’t give up.

The best is yet to come, and, remember…

It is never the end but just a bend!


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