Why spending thousands at time does not drive marketing?

“I’ve spent thousands but my marketing is not working…”

What kind of marketing have you done?

“I created many ads & spent thousands on getting them published & promoted. I also started multiple social media campaigns, but nothing worked…”

Okay. And what did you talk about in these ads and campaigns?

“Our product obviously.”

What about the products?

“We explained the features of our products & also introduced new, competitive prices. We offered unique prizes for our social media campaigns too.”

What else?

“That’s it. What else is there to talk about?”

It’s simple. This didn’t work because your campaigns and content were SELLING the product. NOT MARKETING it!

“Wait, they are the same. What do you mean?”

Marketing is not selling.

Marketing is communicating the experience that your product provides.

“What’s different?”

When you market, you give an impression of the perceived experience of your product.

Don’t just sell products through marketing.

Communicate the experience what your products are about to deliver!

Experience is what makes a commodity different from Brand!

What does marketing means for you?


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