Strange anxiety everywhere.

Few companies treating this phase unnecessarily like some kind of recession in disguise.

Here’s what I think:

In every situation either we can “Try More ” or “Cry More”.

While we panic and run around because of the coronavirus, it’s time to adapt, unlearn and relearn.

I believe:

1) We are only 3 months in the year, a new strategy and revenue seasonality for the remaining year can be still planned, implemented and achieved.

2) It’s time to learn how to work with minimum physical monitoring of employees.

One of the ways can be working from home.

Of course, some work can’t be done remote…

And some employees will use this as an excuse to act lazy.

Solution: Have rock-solid systems and procedures in place.

Working from home does not mean losing discipline.

It means treating everyone as adult with expectations and responsibilities defined clearly.

What are your thoughts?


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