She broke down into tears during the interview session

Ground realities don’t care what you feel!

She broke down into tears during the interview session.

I had no idea what was wrong with her.

It’s an interview, why crying?

Nobody said anything bad about her. Just a question you’d expect in an interview session.

She said, “I am not supposed to be here in the first place. My father will never like it”

“Then why are you here” – I asked!

“Because he died in an accident 3 months ago and I have to take care of myself and my single mother.”

I understood.

But that’s the life we live.

I requested HR to schedule another interview appointment with her in two days.

She came back more prepared and looking better.

The reality is:

1) People fight unknown battles you know nothing about!

2) Realities don’t care for your feelings, perceptions, wills and wants.

3) First impressions should never be the last impressions.

As Mother Teresa said, “If you judge people, you have no time to love them”



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