Daddy, I want to be in sales when I grow up. Said NO ONE!

“Sales is about dressing well and speaking well.”


If this was the case then we would not see what we see around us.

We see sales people don’t get appreciated.

They put all their lives on the line to make a revenue for the company.

Despite all this, I have never seen a child growing up and saying that one day he wants to do sales.

It may not ring true today, but years ago, popular culture presented salespeople in an unflattering light.

Sales is not only about dressing well and speaking well, it is about the ability to add value to client’s objectives by:

1) Having guts to quickly disqualify the ones which are not your customers.

2) Ability to ask direct questions.

3) Instead of being nice , being persistent and firm to close the deal.

4) Conducting meetings which are prepared in advance, not to just ” Introduce yourself and know the client better”.


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