Growth Hacking & Passion!

My 8-year-old elder daughter has a phobia of cockroaches.

She has a born ability to see one from miles away and shout her heart out.

Earlier today, both my daughters were playing in their room.

That’s when my elder one spotted a cockroach coming towards her 2-year-old sister.

First, my elder one shouted. But then the cockroach came really close to her sister.

By the time I reached their room, I saw my elder daughter picking the cockroach up with her hands!

She picked the cockroach and threw it away from her sister.

All this time, I was telling my daughter how irrelevant a cockroach is but she refused to admit.

And one instance changed it all.

This is the power of love.

Love can help you overcome traditional fears.

It can teach you big lessons quickly.

Love paves path to passion.

And passion can make you do untraditional things… just like in growth hacking.

Growth hacking is running businesses the untraditional way.

It is about challenging experience with passion.

Passion makes you do things without fearing the lack of resources, but focusing on resourcefulness.

Have you ever challenged the traditional way of doing things?


P.S. As I write this post, I see my daughter wash her hands for the 25th time in the last 3 hours.