I sent over 600 resumés in two months…

I sent over 600 resumés in two months.

More than half of them were hand delivered.

It was 2005!

I still did not get any response. Felt disappointed so many times.

I wanted to come out of being an office boy!

I almost felt like giving up.

When my friends were hanging out, I’d never go with them.

Instead, I’d have them drop me off downtown for job interviews.

I was seeking my dream job in IT Sector then.

Who doesn’t want to achieve their dreams?

Weeks went by–

And months went by.

I sent more resumes & went on more interviews.

I got more NOs than I can remember.

Despite this, giving up was never an option.

When it looked like it won’t end

I landed a job!

It was in ad sales & back then I thought it was not the best job but I was happy to finally see things moving forward.

I worked long hours until midnight. I wanted to be the best.

It paid off.

Years later, I started leading & consulting companies helping them scale their revenues fast.

My biggest lessons:

1) Rejection is a double edge sword: either it can make you “Give up” or “Fight harder”.

2) At times we get unexpected results because the universe has bigger plans. The key is consistent hard work.

3) Long lasting results take time.


#MoreGratitude #NoEntitlement