Sales = Solving Problems!

The average mom has to make too many food decisions a day.

Moms are often under a lot of stress when it comes to making food choices.

From comparing prices at the grocery store to managing food allergies at home.

Being the one in-charge of the family’s health and wellbeing isn’t easy.

Mothers are always looking to simplify the decision-making process to save time.

I see a huge potential for FMCG brands here…solving this problem by simplifying decision-making process for moms and to streamline the buying journey.

Providing them vital information about the product and its benefits.

In Philippines, Nestle & Abott managed to increase usage of infant formula milk by appointing representatives at hospitals handing out “infant nutrition” pamphlets to mothers.

As for those of you who aren’t marketers:

Take some stress off of your mom by offering to cook dinner or not complaining about what she decides to make.

Whether you’re a marketer or not, I’d say it’s all of our jobs to make a mom’s life a breeze.