Your top sales rep may be facing a “Dry Territory” phase!

She was a top sales performer when she joined!

But over time, she started to perform really low against her sales targets

Finally, I couldn’t stop overlooking as her performance was bringing down everyone

“She has to go,” HR Said

”Let me talk to her first,” I said. Perhaps, there could be something else to this

I invited her into my office for a brief chat

“You are behind your targets for 3 months” I told her. “Can we do something to improve it?”

It turned out that she had been struggling with a “Dry Territory”

Dry Territory is a fact of sales life. At times, a complete set of clients, not related to each other in anyway, can completely stop spending

After analysing her list of clients closely, I knew she was right

The same day, I asked for a careful “reshuffle of clients” . The other team members thought of this as “unreasonable” as they had to let go of their few performing clients.

I still did it!

Results in 2nd Quarter:

1) 28% of the non-spenders converted. This was not magic- chances of converting a non-spender is always high when serviced by a motivated rep.

2) Territories DO get dry : Aimed for Fairness over Equality!

3) She was the highest biller

How often are you analysing challenges of your sales team?


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