Why social media management is not posting posts!

Do you run Social Media campaigns?

“Not really”


“Zeeshan, social media campaigns would be useless for me. I mean, how much time would people in MY business spend on social media?”

Let me ask you this: do YOU not spend hours on social media?

“Okay, so will you handle my social media, by posting and engaging with comments. My IT guy is already doing this. What will you add?”

No, I will not handle your social media posts and comments.


I will provide you a social media strategy for your content.

“Why would we need that? We post if we have something to post about, and on special occasions.”

That’s not how it works. You need to strategise what to post on social media and what campaigns to run. Your team can’t promote Diwali, Christmas and Eid greetings every day!

“But there’s nothing else to talk about, except the product and special days”

Social media post is like an ad on radio or TV. If you want to break through the ‘clutter’ of thousands, you must create content (ads) which resonates with your audience daily.

Why? Because:

Smart Marketing => Attention

Attention => Engagement

Engagement => Top of Mind => Sales

Digital media today is like the TV and Radio of yesterday. Content strategy can make or break your ROI.

Try it!