She could not take her sick son to the hospital because of her boss…

My friend’s son was sick but she couldn’t take permission due to the fear of being dismissed.

She had to manage to come to work every day.

She knew her son needed her but she had to force herself.

When she told me, I blamed her for trying to act strong unnecessarily.

But she told me, ”Zeeshan, I don’t have another job. If I request for permission from my boss, I might be dismissed.”

I had no idea how her company’s culture looks like.

I could assume the culture there is really bizarre.

I believe:

1) As much as there are no jobs out there, I don’t support anyone working against theirs or their family’s health.

2) Companies must stop fighting the small fights with employees. One day off, leaving few hours early, a bit of flexibility in working hours etc will never harm any work culture.

3) Flexibility or empathy has absolutely no impact on discipline.

What do you think?


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