The expert in anything was once a beginner!

She was just a 19 yr-old intern with virtually no experience, but my boss gave her a chance.

Only a few would have given her a chance.

When I asked him why he gave her a chance when there are many candidates he could have picked from the pool of job seekers that applied,

He replied: ”Someone gave me a chance too when I had no experience. We all need to start from somewhere in life. That’s where she is right now. There’s one thing she had that made me choose her, and that is passion.”

I couldn’t say anything. I sat back and reflected on his words. Indeed, everyone needs a chance in life irrespective of where they are in life.

My boss was right. She never put any foot wrong since she started working with him.

From there on, I did the same thing and followed his advice whenever possible.

Moreover I learned:

1) Sometimes ‘that’ passionate inexperienced job seeker only needs one chance.

2) There are 50% chances of newcomers to fail BUT…

3) There are no guarantees for the success with experienced candidates as well.

Are you giving chances to the inexperienced candidates in your team?


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